Mx. Track Shoes : A Pageant for the Rest of Us

Announcing the first annual MX. TRACK SHOES PAGEANT!

July 26, 2014 @ 11:30 PM – Blue Moon Bar on Butler Street

Started by Dani Lamorte, Mx. Track Shoes is an all-genders, all-talents pageant for performers who pride themselves on originality, ingenuity, stage presence, and a damned good sense of humor. Contestants must transform a pair of track shoes into a wonderful and wearable surprising feat of style. Above all, they must demonstrate charisma, stage presence, and an ability to interact with – and respond to – the audience. The first Mx. Track Shoes will be awarded a crown and a $100 cash prize.

MTS celebrates performers who might not quite line-up with the aesthetics and culture of traditional drag pageantry, but who still want to compete for a crown. Please note that performers of all styles – not just drag performers – are welcome to compete.

Style suggestions and inspirations can be found on the Mx. Track Shoes pinterest.

Full pageant information, including rules and guidelines, can be found here: Click here.

Click here for the Facebook event.

Mx Track Shoes 2014


Trans-Q TV Special Program: Maria Denolt

Created in collaboration with Trans-Q Television, TQTV Special Program: Maria Denolt was a mini-tour of the Carnegie Museum of Art’s biennial, the 2013 Carnegie International. Filmed for Trans-Q Television, the tour reminds folks that behind the paintings and sculptures lurk the spirits of Veronica Bleaus, Walt Whitman, and Johnathan Taylor Thomas. Bring your art amulet!

Many thanks to Suzie Silver (producer, editor, camera), Scott Andrew (camera), and Harrison Apple (still photography).

Special thanks to Jonathan Gaugler, Tina Kukielski, and the Carnegie Museum of Art.

Featured artists include: Sadie Benning, Nicole Eisenman, Lara Favaretto, Vincent Fecteau, Pierre Leguillon, Sarah Lucas, Zanele Muholi, and Paulina Olowska.

Waiting for God

Waiting for God was a series of assemblages/readymades, created for my 2012 residency show at Studio Beluga in Montréal, Québec. The series, in conjunction with my cybertext project,, sought to poke fun at, while questioning, the means by which we receive messages about life. Whether through sudden memory, uncomfortable asking, mass media, or religious dogma, we are inundated with advice and secular prophecy. Waiting for God, as a group of interactive works, hoped to make people laugh at these awkward information transactions, while undermining the prestige of the messaging institutions.


9 to 5

Drive By Drag’s “9 to 5″ was an eight-hour performance by Dani Lamorte and Veronica Bleaus. Their fourth durational work together, “9 to 5″ is a mirthful upending of the traditional work day. Veronica’s play works to disrupt the seriousness of adult labor, while Dani pickets for better working rights and conditions for queers, trans* persons, and sex workers. The roving mischief stopped at points of employment (or unemployment) from Dani and Veronica’s adult lives.

During the entire eight hours, the Dolly Parton song “9 to 5″ played on a constant loop – with breaks for legally-mandated rest and lunch. Each time the song re-started, Lamorte erased the contents of his picket sign and created a new slogan. These included:

“Pay your sex workers more!”
“Trans work is real work!”
“Are you paying your queer women enough?”
“I’ll show you my pink dollar.”
“Gender is unpaid labor!”
ending with
“The poor are everywhere.”


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